Best WordPress Themes and Templates

How2MakeWebsite May 31, 2022
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Best WordPress Themes


So you’ve started your journey into the wonderful world of WordPress, and maybe you’re wondering “What’s next?”

The beauty of the full WordPress platform is the infinite possibilities for customization and designing a professional website without having to be an expert web developer, thanks to the power of premium WordPress themes and templates.

However, with literally thousands of themes to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming.

You’re probably asking yourself:

“What’s the BEST WordPress theme for MY website?”

Lucky for you, I’ve been professionally developing WordPress websites and blogs for YEARS and have purchased and tested pretty much all the most popular WordPress themes and templates out there.

Purchasing and installing a premium WordPress theme or template is the FIRST thing I do on any new WordPress installation because the theme controls the overall design of your website and makes by far the biggest difference in any website.

One important note is that the themes I’m about to share with you are actually more than just themes, they’re actually considered “Frameworks”.

Question: What is a “Framework”?

Answer: A framework differs from a theme in the sense that it changes how you are able to edit your website. Many of these frameworks allow you to edit your website VISUALLY through Drag-and-Drop. (Yes!)

For ANYONE who’s tried customizing a free theme, you KNOW that WordPress is not drag-and-drop. By default, WordPress is a BLOGGING platform so it isn’t tailored for creating business websites with fancy homepages and multiple featured sections, images, sliders, etc.

With all that being said, it’s time for me to share with you the absolute BEST WordPress themes and frameworks for your new website.

(Disclaimer: I have personally tested ALL of these themes through personal and client websites throughout the years. Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This commission helps to keep How2MakeWebsite FREE and provide the highest quality video tutorials on the web!)

1) Divi 3.0 Theme - The KING of Drag and Drop!


Number of Users (Elegant Themes): 385,236

Divi 3.0 (made by Elegant Themes) is one of the most beloved WordPress themes due to the ability to edit your website visually through their Drag and Drop visual page builder.

With Divi installed, even the most novice WordPress beginner can start creating beautifully professional web pages perfect for anyone from businesses to blogs.

Divi's visual page builder allows you to add all sorts of "elements" such as Buttons, Image Galleries and Slideshows, Testimonial boxes, and SO much more.

Aside from elements, you can customize the Color and Font of ANYTHING on your page, quickly and easily from the visual builder.

Best part of all? You won't ever need to touch a line of code.

Divi 3.0


2) Genesis Theme - BEST for Bloggers!


Image Source: and Shay Bocks Design Company

Number of Users (StudioPress): 201,344

Genesis seems to be the go-to favorite for all the top bloggers, and it's easy to see why.

Offering dozens of beautiful "Pro" themes, Genesis can give your blog an amazing touch almost instantly.

Genesis is also technically a framework, which allows you to edit your website by arranging containers of content.

Unlike Divi, I wouldn't call Genesis a Drag and Drop page builder, but it does allow for far more customization than the regular WordPress themes.

The Genesis framework + a child theme called "Foodie Pro" are linked below, and this is one of the best-selling combinations for aspiring bloggers.


3) OptimizePress - Best for Marketers! Also Drag and Drop



OptimizePress is one of my personal favorites, and is an all-around great choice for someone who wants a Drag and Drop visual page builder (like Divi 3.0) but is more focused on internet marketing and selling products or services.

OptimizePress is absolutely made for internet marketers in mind, with a TON of included templates for beautiful Landing Pages, Opt-in and Squeeze pages, Webinar signups, Online Courses, Membership Websites, and much more.

The beauty of OptimizePress is its no-fuss visual page builder that allows you to easily create any website you can think of.

Like Divi 3.0, OptimizePress has a list of "elements" such as buttons, images with text, video player, featured section, image slideshow, and much more. You can incorporate any of these elements to your web pages and customize them as well by changing the fonts and colors of the text, background, and more.

If you do ANYTHING with online business or internet marketing, go ahead and click that button below to get started!

 Optimize Press

That wraps up our top WordPress themes and templates!

I hope you found this information useful, and I'm confident that if you decide to upgrade to one of these premium themes, then editing and designing your WordPress website is going to be a LOT easier and more intuitive.

If you guys enjoyed reading this article and learning about these popular themes, please leave a comment below or simply purchase the theme through any of the links above to support How2MakeWebsite!


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