HostGator VS Bluehost: Which is BEST for WordPress Hosting?

How2MakeWebsite May 27, 2022
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HostGator vs Bluehost


If you’re thinking of starting a WordPress website or blog with either HostGator or Bluehost, don’t sign up before watching this video, where we’ll compare these two popular web hosts head to head.

First off, did you know that only ONE of these web hosts is actually recommended by WordPress themselves?

We will reveal which host it is in just a minute, along with comparing the pros and cons of each web host, while also comparing the actual performance numbers based on our independent speed test.

Lastly, we’ll reveal the winner and the web host you should choose for your WordPress website or blog.

Stay tuned.

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*Video has been transcribed below for readers*

Hey what’s up guys! ODi Productions here from, the #1 online resource for helping you create your first website both easily and affordably.

Now if you’re watching this video, I’m going to assume that you’re already familiarized with WordPress as a blogging platform, and you’re interested in starting your own website or blog.

Perhaps you’ve already watched a couple Youtube videos or read a blog article or two.

Now if you’ve done any of the above, I guarantee that that person also recommended either HostGator or Bluehost for your web hosting.

It’s important to ask, why is that?

I’ve noticed that 90% of Youtubers recommend HostGator, while many top bloggers recommend Bluehost.

Either way, it’s clear that these 2 companies are the most popularly-recommended web hosts when it comes to WordPress.

Let me start off by saying that How2MakeWebsite actually recommends both of these web hosts for beginners, but only one can be the best option.

With that said, let’s jump into the comparison!

1. Which host is OFFICIALLY WordPress-recommended?

Did you know that only 1 of these web hosts is an official WordPress-recommended web hosting company?

If you go to the WordPress website, they actually offer 4 official recommendations for web hosting.

Unfortunately, HostGator is NOT one of them.

That’s right, the web host that most Youtubers recommend for WordPress is not even one of the 4 official WordPress recommendations which include: Bluehost, Siteground, Dreamhost, and Flywheel.

I find this a little strange, but nevertheless this is an obvious advantage for using Bluehost with your WordPress website, ensuring maximum compatibility.

2. Pricing

Now we’re going to compare the pricing of each web host to see which is more expensive.

Before we reveal the numbers, please note that the pricing we’re looking at is exclusive to How2MakeWebsite’s special discounts and promotions. If you’d like to access the same discounted pricing, click the link to the Discounts page here:

Alright so in terms of base pricing, Bluehost starts at just $2.95 per month, while HostGator starts at $3.95 per month.

These prices are for a 3 year plan, which is 36 months of hosting paid up-front.

If you’d only like to do a 1 year plan, the pricing increases to $4.95 per month for Bluehost and $ 5.95 per month for HostGator.

One important difference is that when you sign up with Bluehost, you get your domain registration FREE for a year, typically a $15 value.

HostGator does not offer a free domain, so that’s an additional cost.

Now let’s compare the bottomline price of a 1 year plan with domain registration, the typical order for most beginners.

For Bluehost, this comes out to about $60 all included

For HostGator, this comes out to about $85 since the domain registration isn’t included.

I think the numbers are pretty clear, Bluehost is the less expensive option when compared to signing up with HostGator.

3. Performance

Now we’re going to compare the actual performance numbers and load times of our HostGator and Bluehost websites.

This is an independent, 3rd party speed test performed by, using the tool called Pingdom.

Each of these websites used the exact same theme, plugins, blog post, etc, so each website is virtually identical. The only difference is where each website is hosted.

So here’s the numbers:

HostGator clocked in at a load time of 1.90 seconds, and actually tested faster than 74% of other tested websites, which is not bad at all.

On the other hand, Bluehost clocked in at a load time of just 1.11 seconds, and tested faster than 88% of tested websites.

So interestingly, Bluehost comes out on top again, but this time in the category of Performance.

4. Verdict

So in conclusion, Bluehost beats out HostGator not only in pricing and performance, but also as an official WordPress recommended web host.

With that being said, we highly recommend Bluehost for your WordPress website or blog.

Once again, if you want to take advantage of our Exclusive pricing for either Bluehost OR HostGator, click the link to our Discounts page HERE

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